Rebecca Leaving KSS


Rebecca Posz-Tamez works hard during her last week as the secretary at Kittitas Secondary School. Tamez started working as the school’s secretary in 2011.

Jessica Ketzenberg, Staff Writer

Rebecca Posz-Tamez, former secretary at Kittitas Secondary School, resigned from her job on Dec. 12.  Tamez has been planning to open up her own fitness studio as soon as she can, and is very excited to see how her new business goes.

“I am taking on my hobby full-time and I plan to open ‘The Body Shop – Fitness Studio’,” Tamez said.

While opening a new business could be tough, Tamez has everything planned out, and is ready for her first week.

“It is expected that my business will be up and fully running by the end of the month,” Tamez said. “I’ll be teaching Zumba and Strength and Conditioning classes that involve resistance bands and weights.”

While making the decision to leave the district was not the easiest, she was thinking about it for over a  year.

”Earlier this year, my mom passed away and made me reevaluate my life and how much time I spend with my family versus time at work. I decided I want to be available to my family more,” Tamez said. “Dancing makes me very happy, and my family deserves a happy mom/wife.”

Tamez has been married to Homero Tamez for 15 years and combined, they have 4 kids: Justin is 21 and serving in the army, Iliana is 19 and works in Las Vegas, Macee is 18 and goes to CWU, and Jet is 13 and currently an 8th grade student at KSS.

While many students are excited about Tamez’s new journey, there are many other emotions including sadness.

“It’s definitely not going to be the same here without her and I’ll miss her, but she seems very passionate about her new fitness studio, so I’m happy for her,” junior McKenna Ivarson said.

Students are not the only ones who will miss Tamez. Many staff members are also sad about her parting.

“Not happy, but you have to accept what people have to do to make them happy. I’m excited for her to pursue a dream and not many people get that opportunity,” principal Heather Burfeind said. “We are definitely going to miss her, and the students are definitely going to miss her everyday.”

Tamez is going to still stay involved with Kittitas Secondary School and the student body because she cherishes all the relationships and connections she had with all the students and staff.

“I am still going to be involved with KHS by still being the fall cheer coach, plan to volunteer as a chaperone when needed, and maybe even substituting sometimes,” Tamez said.

With Tamez leaving, she will definitely miss everyone at  the school, including the students and the staff that she has become close friends with.

“It has been a wild ride. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the kids and my coworkers, and I’ve made some lifelong friends,” Tamez said.

Tamez’s replacement is Cathy Goodrich, who comes from Ellensburg School District where she was the interim Food Service Director.

“I am excited to get to know everyone and to be in a small school atmosphere,” Goodrich said.