Do-It-Yourself Stress Handling Tips


Haley Kulm, Editor-in-Chief

Starting a new year can be a little bit stressful sometimes, with the pressure to make it a successful year. Based on the fact that the stress may pile up easily, self-care tips to relieve it may be helpful.


DIY Stress-Relieving Face Masks

  1. Put one egg, one banana, and half of an avocado in a bowl, and mash them until they make up a smooth substance. Rub it on your face and leave it on for 5-15 minutes. Proceed to rinse it off with warm water and then moisturize.
  2. Put half a cup of uncooked oatmeal, half a cup of milk, half a cup of water, and one tablespoon of honey. Cook the ingredients for five minutes over the stove and let them cool before applying the mask to your face. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with warm water. Follow with moisturizer.
  3. Put ¼ cup of blueberries, one tablespoon of raw honey, one tablespoon of olive oil, and the juice of half of a lemon in a blender. Mix them until the substance is smooth and then sprinkle one teaspoon of sugar into it. Apply the mask to your face and leave it on for ten minutes, then remove it with a wet cloth.



  1. High-energy workouts are the best types of exercises to remove stress. These may include running, dancing, spinning, and in-line roller-skating. Doing these workouts for as little as 30 minutes per day can have a large effect on lowering stress. Some applications to keep track of your running are Strava, MapMyRun, and RunKeeper.
  2. Yoga is another workout that may be helpful in reducing stress. Gentle yoga is better for stress relief than power yoga. Look up tutorials online on how to practice yoga correctly. Some applications for yoga are Pocket Yoga, Daily Yoga, and Yoga Studio: Mind & Body.
  3. Team sports are a great method to lower stress. Whether it be playing on a school volleyball team or even just playing basketball with your friends, it relieves stress twice as much as if you were to exercise by yourself.


Take Care of Yourself

  1. Run a warm bath with dim or no lights on, light a candle, put on some calm tunes, and lay back and relax. To relieve the stress even more, use bath bombs or bath salts. The warm water and calm atmosphere will relax your muscles and make you feel way less stressed. Some of the most relaxing candle scents are lavender, rose, and sandalwood.
  2. Drink less caffeine, including energy drinks. High doses of this stimulant can increase anxiety, which leads to more stress. Reduce the amount of caffeine you consume as much as possible to see results of less stress quickly.
  3. Spend time with your loved ones. Social support can help reduce stress by releasing a natural stress reliever called oxytocin. Having strong bonds and people to talk to is very helpful in reducing this stress.