School Changes from Students’ Perspectives


Homecoming week is the most popular week of the year at Kittitas Secondary School, including after-school activities, such as Powderpuff Football. Many students reported that they would love to have an additional miniature homecoming week that would include after-school activities and dress-up days.

Haley Kulm, Editor-In-Chief

Just down the road from Kittitas Secondary School is Ellensburg High School, which has a 45-minute lunch for the students. This gives students enough time to eat their food, as well as socialize with their peers. On the other hand, Kittitas Secondary School only provides their students with a 30-minute lunch, which in many students’ opinions, is one of the issues that needs to be fixed in the school.

“A change I would like to see in the school is to have a longer lunch time,” senior Summer Ledgard said. “I think it would benefit the students to allow them to have enough time to eat their lunch and have a break from the actual school work.”

Along with eating, sleeping is a necessity for people, especially students who spend time outside of class completing school work. If time at home is spent doing schoolwork, some students jokingly suggest that it would not be a bad idea to spend some time at school doing something you would normally do at home, such as sleeping.

“I would really like to have a napping class because I need extra sleep right after lunch so you can have your stomach full of food, let your brain take a break, and then go back to school,” sophomore Ava Smith said.

As much as time to eat and sleep can benefit a student’s ability to learn, so can the teachers and how they teach. Evaluating teachers is important to make sure they are teaching the students in an efficient manner, and Kittitas could develop a better system for evaluating teachers. The current system has an administrator come into the classrooms only one or two times a year, but is this a true evaluation of their skills?

“I think that teachers need to be evaluated on how they really teach,” senior Natalie Waterman said. “They have people come and sit in to watch them sometimes during their class, but I don’t think that’s fair because they know how to act like they are teaching, and when that evaluator leaves, then they could just go back to sitting in a classroom and getting paid for doing nothing. I think the whole class should be able to grade the teacher.”

On top of a better evaluating system, school would be more enjoyable for students if there were more fun activities, such as after-school games or more spirit weeks. Students are more likely to participate in school-related activities if they are enjoyable, and having more of these may increase students’ likelihood to be involved.

“I would like to see more after-school events, almost like a miniature homecoming week,” freshman Karmia Boguslawski said. “Maybe a spirit week, something like dodge ball or an after-school volleyball tournament, maybe even more family game nights.”

Another reason that would make students enjoy being involved in school-related activities is better equipment. Many clubs, classes, and sports equipment at Kittitas Secondary School are low-quality, and higher quality material may make students more excited to participate in these activities.

“I would like to see our band get better equipment,” junior Kendan Smith said. Our current equipment is very old and not of high quality.”