Gibson and Hudson: The Inside Scoop

Jessica Ketzenberg, Staff Writer

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Among the many unique and incredible teachers at Kittitas Secondary School, two of them who are beloved are Rocky Gibson and Wendy Hudson. Everyone knows the basics of both teachers’ personalities, but many people wonder the sides of them that people do not usually see.

“[My favorite part of becoming a teacher is] guiding kids in the right direction, whether it be in their social, academic or sports lives,” Gibson said.

Sometimes students wonder about the staffs’ attributes and may be hesitant to ask them personal questions about themselves.

“I would say my favorite trait is my humor,” Hudson said.

The staff are just like any other people who have hidden talents that many may not know about. Many people are not able to expresses their day to day hidden talents, but they do when they get time.

“I am a decent artist [when I find time outside of school and yearbook],” Gibson said.

People think of themselves in different ways, as everyone has different traits, good and bad.

“The five adjectives that I would like to think most people would use to describe me are empathetic, generous, humorous, courteous, and helpful,” Hudson said.

Just like every other teacher, the staff have lives outside of teaching everyday. Teachers are very busy and have fun activities to do outside of school.

“I love going to Disneyland with my family, and I enjoy family vacations, in general,” Hudson said.

Similar to most parents in the world, Hudson’s family is very important to her.

“I have four children. Their names are Jamie, Jordyn, Jeni and Justin, and I do as much as I can with them,” Mrs. Hudson said.

Gibson was blessed enough to have three children: Hannah, Bailey, and Cade. He is very busy with them with all their hobbies.

“Hannah is my oldest and is graduating from the University of Washington in the spring. Her interests are nature, hiking, and loves animals,” Gibson said. “Bailey is the second oldest and is graduating from KSS in the spring and plans to go to Walla Walla Community College to play basketball…His interests are hunting and fishing, and hanging out with friends while playing video games. Cade is the youngest and is currently a freshman attending Ellensburg High School where he is finishing up his first basketball season and plans to play basketball in the spring. Cade’s interest are similar to his brother, whom he looks up to.”

Hudson had a very enjoyable and interesting high school experience, just as most high school students do, and participated in school activities.

“I was a cheerleader in high school because I wasn’t athletic like my friends, but I wanted to go see all of their games,” Hudson said. “I grew up in a very sports oriented home. My grandmother and my mother were sports fanatics, so it makes sense.”

Just like many teachers at Kittitas Secondary School, Gibson has a job outside of teaching.

“I am in the process of becoming a fly fishing guide for a second occupation in the summer, and I will have my own business with Trout Water Fly Shop in Ellensburg, WA,” Gibson said.