Hunting: Yay or Nay?


Hunkered down in a blind with nothing but a dog and a gun all day, makes moments like this happen. Nothing had been flying until the last hour of shooting time, then the sky filled with huge flock, and at that point, it was one bird after another dropping.

Logan Svendsen and Jane Kratz


Hunting isn’t only a sport, but also a way of life and a passion for a lot of people around the world. Some people believe hunting is immoral and cruel, while others believe hunting is a responsibility and a way of putting food on their table. Once I dropped my first animal, it turned into an addiction and now I can’t quit.

Hunting is the practice of killing, trapping, or the pursuit of an animal. Hunting teaches you not only patience, but also to have respect for the animal you are pursuing.

Most people have forgotten the way people lived a couple hundred years ago where there were no production lines and endless supplies of food for them and their family. Some people have kept to the old ways where hunting is their major source of food.

The topic of hunting being inhumane gets brought up a lot by anti-hunters, who don’t question where their meat comes from. There are tons of animals who spend their short lives in 8’x10’ pens, awaiting their deadly fate. On the other hand, animals who are hunted, are born and grow up in the wild with plenty of room to roam and repopulate healthy generations.

When animals at the slaughterhouse get killed, they get a nail rammed between their eyes with an air compressor. There is a higher chance of not killing an animal cleanly and humanely at a slaughterhouse than hunting, where you have a bullet traveling at 1900 feet per second through the lungs or heart of your animal.

Hunters play a major role in animal conservation, as well. Hunting helps balance the animal populations with the amount that area can support. For example, if food is scarce and animals are plentiful, there will be specific hunts for that area to take either more than one animal or have no limits on the number of points on the animal.

If someone is waterfowl hunting, there is a survey done by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to see how many birds there are in the area, which will determine how many birds a person is allowed to take per day.

Once you start hunting, you will be hooked; it’s an addiction that never seems to go away. The feeling of having a goose fly over you as you’re pulling up on it and having your finger ease onto the trigger. Then watching that goose crumple over and fall without a single wing flap gives you goosebumps.



Growing up in a family with many different opinions on controversial topics has given me the opportunity to see different sides on a lot of opinions. My family is accepting and willing to listen to both sides of the hunting controversy, so in turn, that’s how I have turned out as a person as well.

Being raised in a family with a vegetarian mother and a father who hunts is not exactly the norm. After many years of understanding both options, I decided that I was definitely against hunting.

To me, the hunting I have been exposed to and know the most about is hunting for fun, as an activity and a sport, and not necessarily the hunting to survive. This type of hunting is wrong because taking an innocent animal’s life for your own pleasure is cruel to me.

When people take an innocent animal’s life, it shows that they think they are superior. I think that a very big issue in today’s society is viewing yourself as better than others, whether it be with people or animals. These types of people need to take a step back and realize that they aren’t superior to anyone or anything else, and think of these types of situations as equals, meaning all types of life are equal, and there is no hierarchy. The animals they are killing for fun have a family, and are not any less important than humans to the environment.

Animals that are hunted have an impact on the environment, as well. If hunting animals go extinct in the future, the environmental balance could be off and cause overpopulation of some species and extinction of others. This throws off the natural balance of the earth that humans have already disrupted so much.

Many will argue that people need to hunt so they can eat their meat, which is not necessarily true. People really do not need meat to survive and live a healthy lifestyle. Becoming vegan or vegetarian is a very trendy topic because people are realizing they really don’t need to eat meat to be healthy. These lifestyles are very practical, as long as they are still getting the nutrition needed.