What Does ASB Actually Do?


The Kittitas Secondary School Executive Board council poses for a picture for the yearbook. “ASB has helped me become a leader and learn how to manage my time,” DeKoning said.

Luis Lopez, Staff Writer

ASB stands for Associated Student Body, which is a student-led organization that is in charge of all the activities and events pertaining to the students at Kittitas. The Kittitas Secondary School ASB executive board is composed of junior Taylor DeKoning, junior Jenna Bare, junior Haley Kulm, and sophomore Camryn Mata.

Mata is the Executive Treasurer and deals with anything money related at Kittitas Secondary School. She also assists in the preparation of assemblies and other ASB-related activities.

“My job is getting POs (Purchase Orders) and transfers approved, and keeping up to date with club’s budgets,” Mata said.

ASB has its positives and negatives for the student body, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

“You get to set up fun things for the school to enjoy; for example, assemblies, senior night, fundraisers, and field trips,” Mata said.

Kulm also has an important role in the executive board as the Secretary. Kulm puts a lot of time and effort into her role in ASB to keep everything organized, such as printing off notes and keeping the ASB notebook in an orderly fashion.

“I am the Secretary, so I take notes at the meetings; I keep track of everything we discuss. I keep all the records and organize the binder,” Kulm said.

Although ASB can be very fun and enjoyable, it takes up a lot of the students’ free time, even outside of school. ASB can become a lot, but these students know how to handle it very well,

“Sometimes it keeps me really busy and it can be overwhelming because when I have other stuff going on, it’s another thing to top off my stress sometimes, but it’s worth it because I really enjoy being in ASB,” Kulm said.

Bare’s role on the executive board as Vice President is she is the head of the the meetings and activities when president DeKoning is absent. She contributes and helps prepare for all the ASB activities.

“My main job is helping out the president and taking over when they are unable to,” Bare said. “I also help approve fundraisers and purchase orders and can sign for them in the absence of the president.”

DeKoning’s important role on the board includes running the meeting and work days in an organized fashion. Also, she has to keep everyone on top of their duties.

“As president, my involvement in ASB has helped me become a leader and learn how to manage my time,” DeKoning said.

ASB is also composed of three separate officers for each class: president, vice president and secretary/treasurer. The class officers, one including sophomore Madi Hyatt, represent their distinct grade levels and are in charge of all activities that pertain to their peers.

“We represent the class, so you have to be responsible and get to help with activities that ASB does in general, Hyatt said. “It is not as much stress as executive, but you still have to devote a lot of time to it.”

So, what else does ASB do? ASB plans and organizes many events, like the homecoming week and the homecoming dance. They also did the sports advertising throughout this past year, which included selling signs to local businesses to post in the gym and on the outside sports’ fields.

“ASB is fun because you know what is going on and what is coming up because you are involved,” Kulm said.

Not only does ASB organize activities, but they are also in charge of posting student pictures on the TV in the high school pod, Student and Teacher of the Month, Toilet Talk, and they also run the school Facebook and Instagram pages.

“We try to make everything appeal to the student body because that is how we work,” Mata said.

ASB’s hard work has brought Kittitas Secondary School more money and entertainment from all the fundraising and assemblies they have carefully planned throughout the year.

“The difficult part was coming up with new ideas to keep the assemblies and activities entertaining for the students,” Bare said.