New ASB Policies


The 2019 ASB members pose for a picture at a local board meeting. They discussed their obligations to the new ASB constitution.

Joey Girard III, Copy Editor

With the 2019 Associated Student Body (ASB) elections upon us, the Constitution of Kittitas High School is undergoing a ratification and with it comes some pretty significant changes concerning the elections.

During the months of Apr. and/or May, all persons running for an executive position must complete and turn in application form by set date. This rule is not new.


Class elections will now be held 1-2 weeks after the Executive Board’s Elections. If a candidate who ran for Executive Board loses his/her election, he/she may now run for a class officer position, whereas previously they two boards were ran consecutively


The campaign rules underwent serious revisions concerning sportsmanship, signs, teams, finances, and social media. Of these changes, the biggest is perhaps allowing students to run in teams. That being said, teams cannot  be elected, but only individual students can be elected. Before students could not really run as a team, however they could campaign together.


“It’s really fun running as a team, and I think it’s cool that each candidate can only be on a poster two times to make it fair,” said junior Autumn Miller, who won the position of Executive Treasurer.


Social media can now be used as a playing field in elections. Posts must be done outside of school hours, must not cost any money, and must only promote candidates in a positive light.


“I think it’s a good thing to be able to post about your campaign on social media, and a lot of people use social media so it’s a good way to promote yourself,” said junior Haley Kulm who is the current Executive Vice President on the same team as Miller.


If a student fails to abide by the aforementioned revised rules and regulations, he/she will be disqualified from the election. If an individual of a team commits an infraction without the rest of the team’s knowledge, only the individual is disqualified. However, if the whole team commits an infraction, the whole team is disqualified.


“It’s going to make it more fair now that everyone’s has the opportunity to run as a team. I also think it’s more fair to other candidates that there is no negativity,”  junior Konner Ivarson said.