Everyday Foods that Actually Harm Your Body


Many foods and drinks that a lot of people consume every day contain risks for the bodies of the users, such as coffee creamer and sugar. People used to drink their coffee black with no added sugar or cream, which was a much healthier option.

Haley Kulm, Editor in Cheif

How good does that ice cream taste when you head to Winegar’s Dollar Scoop on Tuesday evenings? Does that iced vanilla latte from D & M get you through your day? Well, when consumed in moderation, these items are not too horrible for your health. However, if you are one of the many Kittitas students who consume these items daily or even weekly, you may want to read on about the harmful effects of common everyday foods.

Everyone has those foods that they eat almost every day, but no one ever really considers the negative effects that these foods may have on their bodies. Your guilty pleasure food to satisfy your sweet tooth or cravings may be way more unhealthy than you thought.

For example, when you make yourself a sandwich with white bread, you probably do not think of what the bread is doing to your body, unless you are gluten intolerant. According to healthline.com, a health expert website, “white bread is low in essential nutrients (empty calories) and leads to rapid spikes in blood sugar.” This means that the carbs in this type of bread is not giving you as much energy and nutrients as you think it may be, and that it may be taking away from your health.

“Breads are carbs, so they spike your blood sugar, like diabetics have to be careful with how many carbs they consume,” senior Timothy Tostenson said. “My family eats the 9-Grain bread.”

You probably know that ice cream is not the healthiest food to snack on, but you probably never really think about the deeper damage that it may do to your body. When you go to Winegar’s and get a single scoop of ice cream, do you ever think about how you are risking your health? Although it tastes great, ice cream has a very high calorie count, and greatly increases the risks of diabetes, obesity, cancer, and more, which are all things that no one wants to have. Did you know that one serving, or half of one cup, of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream contains almost the full amount of sugar an adult is supposed to consume over the course of an entire day?

“I love ice cream, and I always knew that it was a little bit risky for health reasons, but I had no idea that it was that unhealthy,” junior Mckenna Ivarson said. “[It’s a] good thing I don’t eat it a lot, but I think sometimes it’s fine to live on the edge and eat it because it’s so good.”

When you hear “gluten-free,” your mind automatically goes to thinking it is healthy, right? Well, this is not necessarily always the case. Gluten-free junk foods are actually very harmful to your body because the oils and refined grains inside these foods lack nutrition and are very unhealthy, such as the facts that they contain more fat and less fiber and protein than non-gluten-free junk foods. Maybe when you go and buy a gluten-free hamburger from Campus U-Tote-Em, you feel like you are making a healthy decision, when quite frankly, it is quite the opposite.

“Although people are trying to find healthier alternatives, gluten-free foods have shown that they are not entirely healthy,” sophomore Michael Quintana said. “You shouldn’t eat gluten-free food unless you’re gluten-intolerant.”

Many people drink coffee or Red Bulls every single day, but who can really blame them? They are delicious and are an efficient way to wake up and prepare for the day ahead. Although these drinks do temporarily wake people up, unfortunately they can be very harmful to your health. When you head to D&M and purchase your favorite coffee or Red Bull drink, you probably do not consider the fact that the substances in these drinks can be harmful and even lead to heart disease and other complications. For example, Red Bulls have so much caffeine and sugar that they can stop your heart, and they can lead to brain, bone, and muscle damage.

“I know for a fact that creamer and sugar put into coffee is pretty unhealthy, and Red Bulls in general are bad, so I try to limit my caffeine intake,” junior Khloe Carpenter said. “I know that caffeine is a good way to boost my energy, but I think I would rather be a little bit sleepy than to consume too much creamer and stuff.”