Weight Room Improvements and Milestones at KSS


Senior Charlie Karageorges, one of the strongest kids in the school, is a member of the 1000lb club, lifting 415 on deadlift, 315 on squat and 270 on the bench press.”I just took the class because I wanted to get strong,” Karageorges said.

Konner Ivarson, Staff Reporter

Kittitas Secondary School’s weight program has improved drastically since the arrival of Frank Wood in 2017 as the new physical education teacher.

“I really like the new things he put in the weight room because it’s made weightlifting more enjoyable,” junior Brett Williams said.

Thousands of dollars have been spent on the weight room, including new bench presses, dumbbells and other machines.

“We’re doing more workouts. We’re doing supersets in the weightroom,” Wood said. “I guess we have new smash balls, new things that will make the kids sweat and sore; great stuff.”

There are more improvements being planned to get rid of old equipment and replace it with new and more safe machines.

“We’re just trying to get new and improved equipment for the weightroom,” Wood said.

Among these improvements are those made by the students and their increasing fitness and eagerness to lift weights.

“Last tri, Kittitas [Secondary] School improved 1960 pounds on the bench, 107 inches on the vertical and 135 pull-ups,” Wood said. ”So far this tri after four weeks, the kids in my three conditioning classes, the kids have improved 500 lbs on the bench press and we´re testing on the pull ups tomorrow.”

More and more workouts have been added to “the board” in the weightroom, allowing students to work whatever muscle group they desire.

“I think the board is very useful because it gives students a reminder of what to do today,” junior Dylan Janetos said.

Wood encourages students to push themselves to the limit, and does whatever he can to motivate them.

“Wood is a great fitness teacher and i like how he wants to see you improve and is always positive,” Williams said.

One of the newest additions to the weightroom is something called the “1000lb club,” a club where 3 specific free-weight lifts are performed and the weight is added up and has to equal at least 1000 pounds.

“Its doing three lifts. As of right now there are two kids in the club,” Wood said. “It’s a combined total of bench press, squat and deadlift.”

So far, the only two kids in the 1000lb club are freshman Jack Waters and senior Charlie Karageorges.

“It took hard work to get there, but it was well worth it,” Karageorges said.

After two years, these improvements have made the weight room more appealing to athletes and students, making the students more fit and the athletics program stronger.