Lunch Outside Kittitas Walls


Juniors McKenna Iverson, MacKenna Lawrence, and Courtney Rosbach rush to their cars to head to the Shell for lunch. “I like to use this time to hang out with my friends, enjoy the warm weather, and listen to music,” Iverson said.

Shania Ritter, Staff Writer

Summer is almost here. The snow is melted and the sun is out. Although many students can agree that they would rather be outside all day, everyone still has daily school priorities. At Kittitas Secondary School, high schoolers are allowed to leave campus at lunch as long as they have the sticker on their cards. The rest of the students are required to sit inside of the cafeteria. This raises the question: why can’t the students of Kittitas enjoy their lunch outside instead of being stuffed into the cafeteria?

In fact, students can eat their lunch outside, but there is one crucial requirement: they must be accompanied by a school employee. So, what’s the problem? Teachers, like students, enjoy the brief time they are given to rest and eat their lunch. But would teachers give up their coveted lunch break for the greater good of the students?

“I would be willing to do that once or twice a week as long as other teachers rotated with me so I had some days for myself,” history teacher Joe Mohn said.

If more teachers were willing to go outside during lunch to watch students run off some energy, more students would be getting the break they actually need, and in turn, the students could do better in school. These students are not elementary kids anymore, and they understand that recess is no longer a priority, but they still need the ability to access fresh air and run off energy.

“I think it would be great because you wouldn’t be stuck inside all day,” junior Laura Garcia said. “It would be a nice break to get a some fresh air and a change of scenery.”

While it is understandable that teachers need a break, some may actually enjoy sitting outside in the sun, and volunteering to do it would be completely optional, since they would not get paid. If the school were to pay teachers to give up their lunch time for students, the students themselves could have more opportunities to have a better brain break.

“That would be amazing,” junior Gretchen Hinchliff said. “The lunch room gets crowded and loud and it’s the same setting every day. Being outside would give people the vitamins they need from the sun, and fresh air is good.”

In addition, not all parents are willing to sign for their student to leave campus even when they are able to drive. Shouldn’t all students have the opportunity to get out of the school building for this small amount of time? After all, there are willing teachers to supervise.

“I would be willing to supervise students outside…I for sure think it is good for students to go outside for their break and to run off energy before they have to finish the school day,” art teacher Teresa Francois said.

Kittitas Secondary School is a great place to learn and grow, especially because the staff cares about the student body’s opinion. As there are many requirements that students have to meet, why not find a way to make lunch more enjoyable and relaxing for students and in-turn, create better students?