A New Beginning for Our Seniors


Seniors line up in the gym June 6 during their senior assembly to share their favorite high school memory. KHS taught them many valuable lessons that they will use throughout their lifetimes.

Timothy Tostenson, Staff Writer

Lainey Allemand-Riles I’ll be attending Washington State University for natural disaster clean-up.

Martin Arreola-Jauregui is attending WSU for an Agricultural Science degree.

Rosie Arreola-Gutierrez is going to Seattle University to study biochemistry.

Reegan Baker is going to attend WSU to major in public relations and broadcasting.

Taylor Bloxham is going into a computer science program. Bloxham is still unsure what school he wants to attend.

Bryan Clark is going to Perry Tech for auto mechanic degree.

James Cope will go to Culinary school when he saves up enough money.  

Elizabeth Davis will be attending Eastern Washington University to study Elementary Education.

Amber Edgar wants to become a social worker/lawyer. Edgar is still undecided about what school to attend.

Nathan Edgar will attend Perry Tech for their electrical program.

Nyah Escobar is going to school at Whatcom Community College to play basketball and study to become a Registered Nurse.

Scott Fleury would like to go to Yakima Valley Community College for two years and then transfer to Central Washington University to get a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. He wants to be a computer hardware engineer.

Dareck Folsom wants to work then get a pilot license and an archeology degree.

Colby Forbes wants to be an Infantryman in the Marine Corps.

Miguel Garcia-Alfaro wants to attend YVCC to get his Associate’s degree.

Bailey Gibson will attend Walla Walla Community College even though he is undecided about his study.

Anahi Guerra-Garcia is going to attend Bluestone Cosmetology School.

Caleb Harris minor is undecided, but will be attending Spokane Community College.

Breanna Hunter she hasn’t figured out what she wants to do.

Payton Hyatt  will attend Western Washington University for a degree in anthropology and teaching.

Aiden Jones is going to be taking a year off then going to college for athletic training.

Charlie Karageorges is going to attending CWU, but undecided major.

Jessica Lamb is still undecided.

Summer Ledgard unsure of the school, but knows she wants to go into a nursing program.  

Tanner Lewis is going to be doing online classes at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) for web design.

Angel Lopez will be attending CWU for their computer science program.

Kodee Main undecided.

Christian Mata is going to attend EWU, although he is still unsure what he wants to go for.

Jade Townley going straight into the working field then wants to become a masseuse.

Jaslynn Pryor wants to start working on her pre-meds, even though she has not chosen a school.

Brock Ravet will attend Gonzaga University to play basketball and his major is still undecided at the moment.  

Leonardo Rios-Lopez is still undecided.

Harvest Rippy will study cosmetology at Bluestone.

Adrian Sanchez Jr. will go straight into the workforce.  

Pamela Sanchez will attend WSU for nursing.

Hayley Stephens is going to attend Western Washington University for computer science.

Timothy Tostenson is going to work for Morgan & Son to obtain his CDL.

Natalie Waterman will study cosmetology at Bluestone.

Madigan Webster will attend WSU for athletic training.

Piper Williams will attend CWU to major in Elementary Education and walk on to the fastpitch team.