KHS Track Athletes Attend a CWU Track and Field Practice


Kittitas High School track athletes pose at the Central Washington track and football field, Tomlinson Stadium, after attending a CWU track practice. “It was the coolest experience,” freshman Alisha Mcirvin said. “The athletes were all super helpful, and we didn’t have a lot of time with them but it was cool to get some help.”

Autumn Miller, Sports Editor

Ten athletes of the Kittitas High School Track and Field team attended a practice of the Central Washington University track team on May 13. KHS athletes worked alongside college athletes to learn with people who have had experience in the events they complete in.

“The best part of going to the CWU track practice was talking with the college athletes and getting advice on how to throw javelin better,” junior Gretchen Hinchliff said. “I noticed a very quick improvement on my throwing.“

The KHS athletes worked alongside college level athletes to learn new techniques and skills for their specific events.

“I worked with one of the college triple jumpers. She was really nice and gave Isaiah, Ezra and I drills, and helped us with techniques,” junior Shelby Bonjoirni said. “She personally helped me a lot with my landing in the pit. I thought it was a really good experience and I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with the college athletes.”

Head coach Calah Kulm chose ten athletes KHS to take to the practice. Kulm is a firm believer in having athletes receive coaching from as many experts as possible. It can only help them improve.

“I looked at where we had the most holes in our coaching expertise and looked at kids who were working hard in those events,” Kulm said. “I wish I could have taken the entire team, but we just didn’t have the resources for that.”

Kulm wants to take more athletes next year earlier in the season to set the team up for even more success for their season.

“I am hoping to make this an annual mini-field trip,” Kulm said. “I’ve already reached out to the head track coach there and he said they’d be happy to do it again next year.

Many KHS athletes were able to get some one on one coaching from athletes who have had a lot of track experience.

“I got a lot of help and good advice from a great athlete with lots of experience,” junior Taylor Dekoning said.