A Special Graduation Speaker


History teacher Joe Mohn prepares his speech, which he read at the Kittitas Secondary School’s class of 2019’s graduation. “[My speech discussed] my last three lessons to the senior class that have nothing to do with math or history,” Mohn said.

Haley Kulm, Editor-in-Chief

With graduation just ending, the seniors no longer have to stress about all of the planning for the important event. While a lot of this planning was very difficult and included making tough decisions, the seniors were always sure of one thing: that they wanted history teacher Joe Mohn speaking at their graduation.


The seniors have a very close relationship with Mohn, which is one of the ultimate reasons why they selected him out of all of the staff to be their graduation speaker.


“We had Mr. Mohn from the time we were in 7th grade until now, so he’s been the teacher we’ve had the longest and I’m glad he’s speaking for us,” senior Lainey Allemand said.


The fact that Mohn has been teaching them since they were in middle school is not the only reason the seniors selected him: he also has supported them in academics and sports.


“We chose Mohn to speak at graduation because he has been our teacher and coach all throughout middle and high school. He’s been there to push us in our education and our sports,” senior class vice president Reegan Baker said.


While these are only a couple of examples of seniors that are thankful that Mohn spoke at their graduation, this was a decision made by more than just a couple of seniors.


“Whole class [picked Mohn to speak at graduation],” senior class president Bailey Gibson said. “He’s the goat.”


Not only do the seniors adore Mohn, but he also is very close with the seniors and thinks very highly of them.


I have really enjoyed my time with the seniors,” Mohn said. “My first year at Kittitas was their 7th grade year and they have had my class every year since.”


Since the seniors could have selected any teacher they wanted to speak at their graduation and Mohn was the one they picked, he felt extremely thankful that they selected him.

It’s an honor to be asked to speak. It means a lot to me,” Mohn said.