Is Dating a Thing of the Past?

These days, couples will go out only to play on their phones. From the 1950’s to now, dating expectations have devolved. (photo credit: and

Shania Ritter, Staff Writer

Dating has changed so much over the years, from not being socially accepted to being the concept  people live for. Many people think of dating in different ways, but what really is dating now?

In the early 20th century, dating had strict guidelines to be followed. When a young man showed up to a young woman’s home, he would bring her flowers and get permission from her parents to take her on a walk. If the parents said yes, curfews would be set and sometimes, they would even go along to supervise. After a nice walk, they would head home, where he would leave her on the porch with a kiss on her cheek. As her family settled down for the night, they would discuss her thoughts about the young man they walked with and the future she sees with him. This is typically not the case anymore.

“Dating is when you meet someone, get to know them, and hope to stay together for a long time. I think people don’t really date, rather than meeting and jumping into relationships,”  freshman Seth Walker said.

Later on, in the mid 20th century, when a young man showed up to a woman’s home, he would ask the parents for permission to take their daughter out to dinner, ice cream, and a movie while insisting she would be back by 10:00 p.m sharp. If they said yes, he would proceed to give her flowers and walk her to his car where he would open the door for her to get in. They would leave and return ten minutes early hoping to leave a good impression on her parents. Later that night, she would talk to her family about her feelings for him, and everything that happened over the night.

“Dating is when you get to know someone with the intention of getting married. I don’t think this is a thing of the past because I still know a lot of people who are hesitant to go straight into a relationship without getting to know them first,” sophomore Paul Jones said.

Nowadays, young men just ask the young women they are talking to on a date without bothering to ask her parents, if they even go on a “date” at all. These days dating is mainly founded on social media where people add each other, talk, and start dating based on their profile picture.  

If there is an actual date, the girl will tell her parents and then with a short meet and greet, the duo will leave. Sometimes parents will set a curfew, but now young couples will get home

two, if not three minutes early. They will finish off their night with a kiss in his car, and the girl would walk to her door and go inside alone. Nowadays the young girl would just head to her room because when young couples go on dates they just sit on their phones.

“Dating is getting to thoroughly know somebody, and putting all of your trust into that one person to make them a significant part of your life. Yes, I do think dating is a part of the past. Most people just get into a relationship with anyone that shows the slightest interest, “ junior, MacKenna Lawrence, said.

Dating changes all the time, but the important part of any relationship is that both the young man and the young woman have respect for each other, love each other, and enjoy one another’s company. Dating should always encourage growth and support towards each other as well as giving constructive criticism. Finding a true love could change ones life in an instant.