New Classes at Kittitas


CTE teacher Rocky Gibson teaches his Computer Integrated Manufacturing class. “We do stuff on computers and I like it because it makes me feel smart,” freshman Sydney Bare said.

Haley Kulm, Editor-in-chief

It is a well-known fact that Kittitas Secondary School is not very large, but this does not mean that there is not a wide variety of classes for students to pick from. Kittitas is always coming up with new opportunities for students, including adding new classes to the selection this year.

Out of all the high school teachers, CTE teacher Myron Hamilton has the most new classes, one of them being an Advanced Placement Technology Education and Literacy in Schools, better known as AP TEALS. It is offered all three trimesters, but according to Hamilton, if a student did not take it first trimester, they should not hop in second or third trimester. While this class is offered to anyone in 10th to 12th grade, it is an Advanced Placement class, so it is extremely rigorous, and prepares students for future careers.

“Usually there is a ten to fifteen minute lecture, then there’s practice. Practice labs, entry tasks, then there’s usually a lab every one to two days. It’s fairly rigorous,” Hamilton said. “As a career and technology education class, this class prepares students for the world of work, specifically a career in computer science, and computer coding.”

On top of AP Teals, Hamilton is also beginning to teach STEM Physics, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Physics and will be offered to 12th graders only second and third trimester. Math teacher Nate Phillps used to teach this, but due to some changes in the math department, it is being passed on to Hamilton. This class will be hands-on and interactive.

“Specifically it will be an interactive problem-solving physics class. It will be based on engineering principles and prepare students for knowledge and/or entry into the engineering field,” Hamilton said. “It’s [being taught] to learn about applied physics and prepare students for Physics 110, so they have some background knowledge.”

Lastly, Hamilton is teaching a class called Principles of Flight, which some people know as Aerospace. This class will be offered to anyone from 9th to 12th grade third trimester.

“[We will be teaching] the principles of flight and aerospace construction. So the plan is that we will be not only building colliders, but building remote control planes and drones and learning to fly in teams,” Hamilton said.

While Hamilton has the most new classes out of all of the teachers, English teacher Wendy Hudson also has a couple of new classes, including Composition, which is only offered first trimester.

“This class is offered to 11th and 12th grade students,” Hudson said. “In this class, we write descriptive essays, argumentative essays, and expository essays. We also focus on grammar and mechanics. The purpose of this class is to improve upon the basic writing skills the students have already acquired and to help them become more confident in their writing.”

Hudson is also going to be teaching a class called Literature, which is going to be offered to 11th and 12th graders second trimester.

“I teach literature terms, literary devices, vocabulary, theme, plot, setting, comprehension, inference, analysis using the READ strategy, and study a variety of genres,” Hudson said. “In this class, we will read one classic novel, a novel of their choice, and several short stories.”

While Hudson and Hamilton’s new courses are both very promising, there are also several other courses being taught by other teachers. For example, CTE teacher Rocky Gibson is teaching a class called Computer Integrated Manufacturing first and second trimester, CTE teacher Cheryl Uceny will be teaching Work Site Learning, and math teacher Carl Bissonette is teaching Core Math first and second trimesters.