Future League Change to Affect Kittitas


Craig Benedict

Kittitas High School’s football team practices out on the home field on Wednesday, October 23. Kittitas has been classified as a 2B school since 2006.

Craig Benedict, Staff Writer

Athletics will change for Kittitas Secondary School next year due to the new league classifications. Primarily, this will cut down on travel time, and Kittitas will play schools they have not played before.

In February 2020, the Eastern Washington Athletic Conference (EWAC), will prepare to add more teams to the 2B league. This change will provide the majority of 1A schools the option to move down to 2B. Instead of just using the number of enrolled students at a school to classify, EWAC will now consider the number of students that receive free or reduced lunch. 

Once this change is implemented, Kittitas will have travel times cut down from three to four hours. In some cases, the bus rides could be cut down to only 30 to 40 minute drives. The bus rides will be significantly cut shorter because Kittitas will be playing closer schools.

“I think it’s great,” Athletic Director Austin Brothers said. “This change will make traveling not such a problem, as far as cost for driving a bus that far and students won’t be missing so much class time, which benefits everyone.” 

Many athletes that are going to experience this change are excited to see how it benefits them.

“I feel that for Kittitas it will benefit because we can hold our own really well in their league and it adds more even competition between schools we’ve never played before. It will make the bus rides more bearable because we won’t be riding for so long,” junior Austyn Johnson said.

Overall, the league change should help save the school money on travel costs, while also adding a new competitive variable to sports.  

“Another positive is that we won’t be missing so much class time. Missing a lot of class times means that same amount of time taken out of my home life trying to make up for all of the missed work,” Johnson said.