The Truth About the Juniors’ Reputation


Dylan Larimer, Staff Writer

The Kittitas Secondary School junior class does not feel that they get the recognition they think they deserve. However, while many of them are a part of all school clubs and sports, not enough are actually participating.

During one of the juniors’ classes, it was discussed amongst the class about how little they believe they are recognized for their involvement. 

“The junior class has a lot to offer, but people tend to turn one cheek when they get one little sliver of our beautiful class,” junior class president Allison McCune said.

There are students who believe that the juniors are getting all of the recognition they deserve. Their reputation is the way it is because of their lack of involvement with school activities.

“We probably deserve this because our class doesn’t really show that they care or want to be involved,” junior Elias Ramirez Caballero stated.

The juniors think that if they could count their athletes for involvement, that it would boost their participation in pride competitions as a class. Athletes are not counted from an ASB perspective in terms of recognition for participation.  The gray area that causes ASB to not recognize sports involvement as participation credit is why the junior class, while heavily participating in sports, isn’t seen as putting in their fair share.

“Coming from an ASB perspective, it’s really hard,” McCune added. “You have to think where you draw the line. Do you just want to [count] varsity or do you want to include the whole [sports] program?”

According to ASB, it is not a perfect system, but it is as fair as humanly possible. 

“We don’t count any athletes during the game so it works out as best as it can,” ASB adviser Ms. Kulm said. “It’s about the fans who show up to support the athletes. We offer a point incentive to get people there to support the athletes.”

A poll was created and handed out to the junior class to get actual numbers of how involved they are in school activities. Only 28 of the 71 juniors actually participate in any sports or clubs.

“It makes me sad that not that many [juniors] are participating,” McCune said. “I feel like the people who are participating are a very strong group of people.”

The junior class would like to get more recognition, but it seems as though they are getting all of the recognition they deserve. It would not hurt for some of them to join a club or compete in a sport.

“Sometimes in school activities, you just have to full, send it,” McCune said. “You’ve got to try new things, you got to participate in things that maybe you wouldn’t particularly participate in and you might surprise yourself and you might have a lot more fun than you thought you would.”