Mac Stewart: Trick-or-Treating Expert


Macgregor Danger Stewart prepares for Halloween and all the candy that he was to collect Halloween night 2018. Stewart has gone trick or treating every year since he learned how to walk.

Josh Tyson, Staff Writer

Some say that trick-or-treating is only for kids, while others think that no one is ever too old for free candy. Junior Macgregor Stewart is one of those people that still trick or treats but he knows where to go and how to get the king size candy bars.

“The best time to stop trick or treating, I would have to say, is when your legs don’t work no more and you can’t go outside,” Stewart jokingly said. 

When it comes to trick-or-treating, the trick-or-treater has to know where to go to get the best loot. Stewart claims that there are multiple places to get the good candy, and knows where to get the king-sized bars. 

“Well, really, it’s not one best place. There’s a couple different spots around town. You just gotta know what little areas to be and get the best surrounding,” Stewart said.  “The best place to go is a little bit below Craig’s Hill and the neighborhood due north (in the northern direction) I believe.”

Knowing where to go to get the best candy is great, but knowing what to hold the candy in is even better. There are many carriers that people can get to hold their candy while trick-or-treating, the most common being the orange pumpkin buckets or cheap bags from the store. However, Stewart has stated that he knows what to use. 

“You always collect candy in a pillowcase, never just a plastic bag or plastic pumpkin tin because they’ll give you more king sizes if you use a pillow case,” Stewart said. 

The best thing that people will see, whether  they are the giver or the receiver of the candy, is the costumes or the decorations, especially if they are hand-crafted by some creative inventors. These costumes  will not be the generic costumes that everybody sees, since they will have some thought put into them.

“There was one old man that just ran around with a chainsaw and this massive, rusty, battle armor looking thing. I don’t know how he made that, but it was awesome,” Stewart said.