Senior Projects: Are They Relevant?


Seniors Gretchen Hinchliff, Cheyanne Lael, Shania Ritter, and Amy Driver work diligently in their Career Choices class. They were starting to add sections to their senior portfolios, which have been presented at senior conferences each year.

Jaymeson Walters, Staff Writer

Senior Projects at Kittitas High School has been something seniors have done every year as a graduation requirement, but Kittitas is one of the only schools in Washington state that still requires them. 

A Senior project is a project in which seniors either have a mentor to complete a project or job shadow a person who is currently working in a field they would like to pursue. The seniors then have to give a ten minute presentation on what they learned. 

If senior projects are not required by other schools, why does Kittitas still require them? Are they still relevant to graduating? 

“Senior Projects are not relevant to your future career because some people are not totally sure what their next step is in life. Also, other schools do not require senior projects, and still have successful graduates,” senior Kolten Udager said.

Many students are doing a senior project that has nothing to do with what they want to do in their future, simply because completing a project is a graduation requirement. 

“If it were up to me, I would change the class to an elective, maybe, and not make it a graduation requirement, so that students who know what they want to do in their career can take the class and students who don’t know do not have to take the class,” Udager said.

Students who know what they want to do with their life could take the class and explore more about a future career, while others who do not know can take other elective classes more relevant to them and not stress about making up some project just to graduate high school. While Senior Projects should not be required for many reasons, they definitely also benefit students in several ways.

“Senior Projects help students think more about their next step after high school and allows them to explore different careers to see if they enjoy them or if they don’t,” junior Ava Smith said. 

Senior projects were implemented as a graduation requirement to encourage students to think about life after high school. It is a way for students to realize what life will be like after graduation. 

Career Choices teacher Mrs. Uceny thinks that senior projects are beneficial for students as a step forward in their life after high school. 

“What makes this course unique is the secondary staff collaborated years back to develop the criteria for the course. It is supported by the staff and school board as being of great value,” Uceny said.    

Senior Projects can be beneficial in many ways depending on how the students use the class. This class can help students see what life can be like after school. It also allows them to eliminate some career choices they don’t really have an interest in or pursue a career they find they do have an interest in.