Lost Off-Campus Privileges? Get Over It


Students of Kittitas leave the school to head to their house or the Shell to get food during lunch. “Being able to leave is nice because I can go home and grab things that I forgot to grab,” said Diego Lopez.

Josh Tyson, Staff Writer

Suspension of off-campus privileges is the current punishment for students who are failing two or more classes at Kittitas High School. The school wants those students to stay at school during lunch and get help to get their grades up instead of going out to lunch and missing those academic opportunities. Although the suspension of off-campus privileges is not necessarily something that motivates all students to get their work done, there is a need for a fair punishment for failing grades. 

“People should be punished for getting bad grades and it shouldn’t be right that they get privileges,” senior Mckayla Magruder said. 

Students who do not do their work are dooming themselves into getting failing grades. Plus they are getting mad over losing their privileges and then taking it out on the teachers or other students. These students are doing this to themselves and need to learn how to be responsible with their time. 

“[Going] off campus is a privilege and with privilege comes responsibility,” principal Heather Berfeind stated. “The students need to learn how to be responsible and manage their time or they won’t be successful.” 

Students cannot get their school work done if they are not at school or in the right mindset. Students should especially get help if they do not  understand or know how to do the work assigned. 

“There’s a bunch of opportunities to get your grade up at lunch and stuff but if you have the opportunity to leave  [you’re] just gonna do that. [You’re] just [going to] head out [and] go hang with the boys instead of working on your grade,” sophomore Griffin Hinchliff said.

Students cannot do their work when they are hanging out with friends or driving to lunch. While most students and staff support the idea of revoking off-campus privileges for poor grades, there are still some that believe it might not be effective. 

“I think it is reasonable, but I dont think saying you can’t leave campus is motivating the kids who are failing because they can still find a way to go off campus,” junior Rowan Ireland said.

Although the off-campus privileges being revoked is not liked by some students, a lot of them think that it is reasonable in the fact that it is not right for them to get rewarded for being underachievers if they do not get to work and get things accomplished. Students who do not do their work will have a harder time doing things later in life.