Stepping Into the Office With Brenda Rios


Brenda Rios poses for a picture with Kittitas Secondary School students, seniors Courtney Rosbach and MacKenna Lawrence, and 8th grader Adrian Valencia. Beforehand, Rios was handing out tardy slips and making copies for the students waiting at the window.

Haley Kulm & Natallie Edgar, Editor-in-Chief/Staff Writer

If you have been to the attendance window recently, you’ve probably noticed a new smiling face. Brenda Rios, the new attendance and athletic secretary was hired last year when previous attendance/athletic secretary Tricia Poole resigned, due to moving with her husband.

“She’s nice and she’s my neighbor. She’s really helpful and has always been really nice to me and she always helps me when I need help,” senior Evelyn Perez said.

Rios has many responsibilities that come with her job: attendance, tardies, sports-related paperwork, sports’ programs, and more. Rios loves her job and has assured the district that she is in for the long-run. 

“Mrs. Rios has been a wonderful addition to our KSS staff,” Kittitas Secondary School Principal Heather Burfeind said. “She is tough on student[s] for being on time and at school for their education. She is a graduate of KSS and she often speaks fondly of how KSS helped her be a successful [student] and graduate on time. We are fortunate to have her and appreciate her commitment to students and staff.”

Rios is a very family-oriented person; she is married with three kids, whom she invests most of her time in when she’s not at work. Rios would rather not work so she could spend all of her time with her family, but now that she works at the same school her kids attend, she gets to see them all of the time. 

“I love enjoying my family. We always have something to do,” Rios said. “I get to be with my kids at work and I get to be with my kids when I’m at home.”

Rios moved from Jalisco, Mexico to California when she was 13-years-old and then moved to Kittitas when she was 16-years-old. When Rios moved to Kittitas, she did not know any English; she only knew Spanish. Rios’ teachers would refuse to talk to her in Spanish and would only talk to her in English so she could learn the language faster.

“Every time [my husband] took me out to eat or wherever we wanted to go, he would force me to ask for the food or ask questions [in English],” Rios said. “I had to learn my English in two years.”

A normal day in the office is always busy with students, parents, teachers, administration, and other school employees.

“You don’t really stop [working and running around to do different jobs in the office],” Rios said.

Rios loves her job and always works hard to keep the office going. Many students enjoy seeing her in the morning for their late slips, during school to get their copies, and other times just to talk.

“I like Brenda. She’s really nice and always helpful. All of my encounters with her have been great and I appreciate the work she does in the office,” junior Kelby Tostenson said.