Brain Drain


School can bring a lot of stress, and most of the time, it is only one individual class that drains the students’ brains. “I would say that chemistry stresses me out the most because I don't understand what is going on half of the time. It is a very complicated and hard subject in my opinion,” junior Veronica Ramos said.

Megan Mungia, Staff Writer

Brain drain is commonly used to describe the stress many students go through when they have stressful classes. Not all classes have to be difficult to be stressful; the easiest classes can bring a lot of stress if there is a lot of work. 

Stress can be caused by anything ranging from a presentation to a simple assignment or test. Many students also feel the effects of stress when their report card comes rolling in and they find out that their GPA is not as good as they wished it would have been.

As high school students further their education, it is mandatory to take science classes. There is no escaping science classes because as the years in high school get shorter, students have to do what is required to graduate. Science is just an important class in general because a lot of the subjects tie in with science. 

“Any science class [is stressful for me] because I’m not really good at science. Science in general just takes a lot of my brain energy, so that is why I would say it is a class that drains my brain,” junior Madi Hyatt said.

Running Start can be very stressful for students who participate in it. Perhaps history may not be difficult or stressful at Kittitas High School for some students, but college level history is nowhere near the same, especially being with professors one has never met. Not only is it stressful because it is a college level class, but many classes are online.

“History [is stressful], because it’s online and self-taught. Also, being at the college brings more stress because you think, ‘What if I don’t pass the class?’ The only good thing about it being self-taught is that I can do that class whenever,” senior Damaris Perez said.  

Some students argue that middle school is much easier than high school because students can get more help from peers and teachers. As middle schoolers enter high school, they find that the teachers may challenge them more and require them to work more independently to prepare them for life after high school: college, trade school, or work. This change of pace often creates struggles for incoming freshmen. 

“I’d say math [is the most stressful] because sometimes I don’t understand what’s going on, and I find it to be confusing sometimes,” freshman Yaritza Ramirez said. 

As a sophomore, students do not only stress about the SBAC state testing, but some students think school work is stressful. Some are of the belief that sophomore year teachers are more lenient, while others believe that sophomore year is the hardest out of all four years. Teachers do not pile as much homework, but classwork preparing for the SBAC is equally as stressful. Teachers find it helpful to prepare the students for the SBAC testing, but many students find it stressful because they are getting a glance of what the SBAC is going to be like.

“Not only do we have to stress about the upcoming test, but as sophomores we have to do the SBAC state test, so that’s pretty stressful,” sophomore Chesney Pemberton said.