Senior Stress


Senior Mirian Perez writes during Literature class while working on one of her finals in that class. “Currently the thing stressing students out are finals, and trying to work hard to get a good final grade,” Perez said.

Fabiola Juarez, Staff Writer

Many of Kittitas Secondary School’s seniors have been getting ready to graduate, but with graduation comes a lot of stress. Seniors have been trying to get their class assignments, college applications, scholarships and projects done. Although all of the hard work and stress was expected for the senior class, it still gets overwhelming.

Students that transferred to Kittitas during their junior years had more stress because not all schools required senior projects and other requirements, but when they moved to KSS, they found out that senior projects were required to graduate. 

“I knew my senior year was going to be rough with all the homework and projects,” senior Fernando Flores said. 

Senioritis is a term used to describe the lack of motivation in seniors towards classes or school, especially due to the stress seniors go through. 

“I really do think senioritis is a real thing that happens to seniors. There is always the pressure of not graduating and stressing of not making it to graduation,” senior Mirian Perez said.

Although some seniors are more stressed than others, there is a number of seniors who expected less stress for their final year in high school.

“Senior projects was one of the things I stressed out the most because it is a very big deal. I definitely did not expect this amount of stress,” senior Damaris Perez said.

Although the stress was mostly at the beginning of the year, many seniors still have the fear of not passing their classes or having enough credits to graduate.

“I definitely do think senioritis is a real thing, but the stress is mostly gone after our first trimester has passed,” senior Autumn Miller said. 

Although many seniors go through a lot of stress and sleepless nights, many believe that all the stress will definitely be worth it at the end when they are done with high school and get their graduation diploma. 

“What stressed me out the most was the first trimester because of the big senior project, but I definitely believe that it is a good way to prepare you for after high school,” senior Henry Foradory said.