Entries from my Coronacation 


Jillian Provaznik, Guest Staff Writer

March 13- Today, Governor Inslee declared that there would be no school until April something, or something like that. I didn’t really care, I guess it still hadn’t hit me that I wouldn’t be in school, seeing my friends and doing normal- teenage things for a while. I was going to my boyfriend’s tonight, so I really had no other care in the world. 

March 14- My club volleyball season has been canceled. My coaches texted me informing my teammates and I that it would be unsafe if we continued traveling to tournaments and practicing together. My coaches are really old too, so if they got sick that would probably be really not good. Sad news, but what can you do? Later today I found out that my FCCLA state conference has been postponed. I was prepared to run for state office, and compete with my project on music and its psychological benefits it has on memory and emotion. All that preparation was almost for nothing. But at least I know that state will still happen, just not when it was scheduled for. 

March 17- I realize that I REALLY have nothing to do, and that I probably shouldn’t be spending all of my time on tiktok. Not only do I not have school, my junior year of track season has been pretty much canceled. I think about all of the track memories I cherished from the years previous. Getting first at districts, regionals, and placing at state. All of which will probably not happen again this year. I tear up. Still hasn’t really hit me what I will be missing out on. 

March 21- My parents made me make a schedule for myself, so that I don’t waste all this time watching tiktoks. Probably a good thing, but I’m not a fan. I check my email, I have an email from Coach Guthland. Coach Guthland is the throwing coach for Johns Hopkins University, my dream school, and we have been talking about recruitment for the past few months. He informed me of the cancelation of the college’s season and wanted to check in with me to see how I was dealing with this mess. I realize that I REALLY am missing out on a lot. My junior year of track was supposed to be filled with the records that could help me get into college for javelin. But not this year. I didn’t know what to reply with, so I didn’t. 

March 25- My parents haven’t let me out of the house. And they won’t until this coronacation is over:(. I also realize that everyone is talking about the epidemiologists at Johns Hopkins and what they think we should all be doing as safety precautions for the coronavirus. For some reason, I feel somewhat prideful that I knew of this college before their super genius smart doctors started getting publicity from civilians who are just reposting things on facebook, as if they are truly changing the world. I’m almost positive most of them don’t even read the articles they are sharing. If only they did. 

March 28- I finally draft an email to reply to Coach Guthland with. In my email, I told him that I am continuing to workout, study, and do all that I can to prepare for wherever the next few months will take me, or won’t. Honestly, I cried writing part of this email. Remembering all the crazy track memories that I had was rough. This year, I wont get to complain about being at the wet, windy, cold track meets that I so cherished. I won’t be at my best friend’s last track meet, before she graduates and goes to college. I won’t get to be team captain like I was supposed to be. I won’t get to place at state. I won’t get to add any more medals and ribbons to my wall above my closet. I miss my friends, my teachers. I didn’t write this in my email. I know that colleges don’t look for those who feel bad for themselves, they want those who can pull themselves together and push through the bumps in the road. We all have something to learn from that. 

April 1- Today my parents let me out of the house to go wax my mom’s floors at her work with my brother. FINALLY I got to leave the house. (We only got to go there, and back). 

April 5- Today I texted one of my senior friends. She told me that there was probably not going to be a graduation and that their senior trip and all of their activities were not going to happen. I felt bad for her. Today my dad told my siblings and I to remember these days, because they are going to end eventually. I guess one day we will want to have today’s stories to tell to our children. It was kind of weird to think about how today will one day be part of a very influential part of history. I cannot WAIT until that day comes!

April 7- I have seen way too many of my friends posting on their social media with other people. It is frustrating how some of the county is taking this more seriously than others. I understand that maybe hanging out with one person will not change the outcome of the virus, but if everyone has that mentality, we are going to be in this mess longer than anticipated. 

April 10- Last night my little sister broke her toe. Her foot fell asleep as she was sitting at the kitchen counter. She wobbled into my room and asked me why her foot looked like that. Not that I think watching Greys Anatomy makes me a medical professional, but I am pretty sure nothing should be sticking out next to your pinky toe. After telling her she was dumb for breaking a toe right now, her foot that was numb from falling asleep woke up. At least she will have a good story to tell her children, right dad? 

Honestly, there are worse things. I am healthy, my family is healthy, my friends are healthy. I am thankful. I do not get to pity myself. Like I said earlier, this is just another bump in the road. A pretty big one. As much as this sucks, I will survive. As long as everyone is doing what they should be, we will be fine. We might as well make the best of it!